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  • Manage delivery of projects from beginning to end with the strategic, financial, operational and technological aspects of projects to make sure that the final goal is achieved.

  • As the developer, do you know there is always a gap between your actual cost and the report which your accountant shows you? We have designed a specific project ledger to show your real cost about your project.

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Onewa Road


Number of rooms: 4 + kitchen

Size: 789 square meters

Stage 1, Interior renovation

Stage 2, Rent when waiting for BC for the second bathroom

Stage 3, Apply Building consent for the second bathroom  

West Coast Rd, Glen Eden


Number of rooms: 3 + kitchen

Stage 1, Full house renovation

Stage 2, Gardening and exterior wall wash



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Robin Lane, Browns Bay

Number of rooms: 4 + kitchen

Size: 800 square meters

Project Ledger

Rental management

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