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Here are some options for your payment:

  1. Set up automatic payment;

  2. Make your payment online;

  3. Set up automatic deduction from your salary or other support organization; 

  4. Deposit cash over the counter

Sorry but We don't collect cash !!!


Automatic Payment of Rent

It is a condition of your tenancy that you pay your rent into our bank account. The normal way to do this is by setting up an automatic payment. It is important that you get the payment details correct so that we can make sure your  payment is applied to your rental account

Particulars    : RENT

Code             : Tenant Reference Number     

Reference    :  Address 

Other ways to pay invoices

If you are set up with internet or mobile banking you can do this online. Just change the Particulars if you are paying an invoice, but please make sure the Code and Reference fields are completed. You can also pay us with telephone banking if you want.


Particulars    : WATER

Code             : Tenant Reference Number          

Reference    :  Address

You can deposit cash over the counter. Please take our bank account details with you, as well as your tenancy code number. Please be aware that banks can charge for cash deposits and that you will be liable for these fees.  


Automatic Deductions

One way to make sure you never miss the rent is to ask your employer to deduct your rent from your wages (and send it to us). If you are a WINZ client, then they can also do direct payments of rent, which is a great way to make sure you never fall behind.

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